Scarlett Punch, Stories from Urban City

Jake was a young boy when his parents died. They had a small shop in the suburbs of Urban City where Jake used to play after school. One day while Jake was playing in te back of te shop some members of a gang entered the shop to rob it and killed his parents.

After living in some shelters Jake escaped and decided to live in the streets alone. He subsisted stealing food from big shops and stealing money from rich people. This times were very hard for Jake and forged his mental strength and determination.

One day Jake got in trouble with a group of bullies who surrounded him and started hitting him. Suddenly an old man appeared and saved him from the bullies. After realizing that Jake was homeless the old man took him to his home and became his master.

After a few years jake left his master's home and started a journey through the country trying to learn from the best fighters in the country. In this travel Jake learned a lot and became one of the strongest fighters in the country.

After his trip, Jake returned Urban City and started patrolling the streets of Urban City in search of bad people to punish.

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