TJ, Stories from Urban City

TJ is the actual heavyweight champion of the Urban World Boxing Federation, the most important federation in the world. He has beaten fighters from all around the world with an incredible record of 65 - 0 all of the wins by KO.

When the great Urban War took place TJ was in Urban City preparing for a combat that was going to take place a week later. The boxer was training in his gym when a gang entered and started attacking all of his friends. TJ managed to bet all them up, but while this was happening other members of the gang burned his house and car and took all his money. This attack cost him all his money and reputation alongside with his champion belt.

TJ is determined to get back all his things and to destroy those who hurted his friends. TJ has already beaten 3 gang leaders with his own hands but he won't stop until he finds the vengeance he is looking for. 

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