Urban Fighters version 1.1.3 now available

Hi everyone, how are you doing? We are doing great and we are back with great new info! As you know the game is available for IOS devices in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Philippines, Singapore and Spain. A new update for the game as been published in the App Store, the version 1.1.3. We are using all the feedback that we are getting to improve all the aspects of the game that we can.

Link to the App Store:

Features of the version 1.1.3:

1. One new character included, Skullman joins the fight! Coming from the depths of hell is ready to destroy everything.
2. More than 40 new avatars!
3. App size drastically reduced!
4. The auto mode doesn't need the tap after the fight to show the results.
5. IPad rewarded video panel fixed. Now it shows the type of currency that you are given.

Twitter account: @UrbanFightersMb
Facebook page: UrbanFightersMB