The Sting, Stories from Urban City

It all began in a small school of Urban City, a young Drake was being threatened by a bully bigger and older than him. Tired of the abuses, Drake decided to defend himself and when the bully tried to steal his money Drake punched him in the face very hard knocking him out. At that moment Drake felt something thrilling inside of him.

A few years later, when Drake was 13 years old, Drake couldn't control his thrill for te fight anymore so started taking some Karate classes reaching the  black belt in a record time. Being bored of the karate, at the age of 15 Drake started to attend clandestine gyms in order to learn more agressive and dangerous fighting styles. One guy in one of these gyms  introduced Drake into the circuit of clandestine fights of Urban City. Drake started to compete in the circuit winning all of te fights he participated in.

Nowadays, at the age of 17 Drake is the definitive champion of te secret battle circuit of Urban City with arecord of 156 wins and 0 loses, all of these wins by KO. The strength of his punches gave him the name of The Sting, one of the most feared warriors of Urban City. 

The Sting is still waiting for a worthy rival to face, could it be you?

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