Let's talk about equipment

Hi everyone, we are back one week more. Today we are going to talk about the equipment in Urban Fighters. In most RPG and strategy games the equipment is one of the most important aspects of the game, with lots of different equipment slots, item types and lots of statistics. In Urban Fighters we wanted to simplify that aspect of the game, we reduced the number of equipment slots to one, this way the player only has to pick one item. This can be more simple but also more challenging, the player has to think carefully which item equips to each fighter depending on its statistics.

Each item can affect one or two statistics, this aspect is very important because the player has to decide if he wants to potentiate one statistic or two, knowing that the objects that affect two statistics have inferior statistic increments. This will depend, in part, of the type of fighter and the movements that the fighter knows.

If we talk about the design of the items, we wanted to make references to all the cliches that have been used in fighting games. In Urban Fighters we can find from a katana to boxing gloves or machine guns.

Stay tuned for more information and see you soon!

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