Development Blog (05/10/2018)

Hello everybody, one more week we are writing our development blog to show you our progress in the development of Urban Fighters, but today we want to talk a little about our studio Red Pencil Games. We are happy to announce that we are participating in a program called Move Up that will help us to develop our business model and to develop our company. We hope that we will learn a lot from this experience and we will get some experience.

Talking about the development of Urban Fighter, we keep working on the last details of the game. We are polishing some visual aspects, effects, animations and all that kind of stuff. We are also balancing all the game, fighters, objects, rewards, money, etc.

We are working on promotional art for the game and in character design. Due to the characteristics of the game we need to create lots of different fighters, this fighters need to be cool enough and need to be attractive for the players. We are working as hard as we can to accomplish our goal of design lots of characters, but we don't want to do things fast and wrong, we want to dedicate each character the time it deserves.

We will post more information very soon, stay tuned for more!

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