Development Blog (05/03/2018)

Hi everybody, how are you doing? We are doing great, and we have worked very hard the past two weeks. We haven't posted anything lately but don't worry, we were not dead, we were just working hard.

We are working on some promotional art and other artistic aspects of the game. We are creating a promotional splash art where lots of characters from the game will appear. We are working to make the splash art represent the style and the image of the game. We have also finished another splash art that will be used in some loading screens and for promotion to. It is a really nice poster that transmits the image of the game very well.

In the other part, we have been working on the last things of the game that need to be programmed like the news system or all the rewards system. We are also modifying some mechanics of the game in order to make it simpler and more intuitive. Some parts of the game like the battle system are fully finished, you can watch it here:

We have to say that we are also working on the development of our company Red Pencil Games and this kind of things take time sometimes but this things need to be done. Stay tuned for more information!

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