Development Blog (04/18/2018)

Hi everyone, how are you doing? He are doing really fine these days!! We are working a lot and very fast in order to finish a stable version of the game, and that version is now closer than ever. We are happy to say that all the mechanics are finished and now we are polishing and including important features of the game.

The most important thing for us right now is to polish all the artistic aspects of the game, we want to have a cool artstyle that invites people to play the game and enjoy it. Our artists are working to give the game that look that we want, permanently polishing every asset of the game.

We have also been adding new features to the game. The first thing we included is a news system so you can consult what includes every new patch of the game. We have also included a voting system that we will talk about very soon. We have also included the musisc system, we think that the game will have a really nice soundtrack that will transfer to the player that urban sensation that we want.

The testing will start very soon!! We will inform you about all the progress as soon as we can! Stay tunned for more information!!

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