Development Blog (3/23/2018)

These days we have been working on some different aspects of the game. The first thing we have been working on is the loot boxes system, it is finished now and completelly functional. Soon you will be able to try it!

The second thing we have been working on is the avatar system for the game. Players will be able to select an avatar that will represent them in the competitive mode. This avatars will be obtained through the boxes and there will be lots of them. We are working designing this avatars and we are also working on the code of this part of the game.

We have also been working on the music of the game. Urban Fighters is a game that wants to transmit the urban culture and all the things that it encompassess. This is why we wanted to tend special attention to the music. We are working on a system where the players will be able to see the name and the author of each song that is played in the game. All the themes that will appear on the game will be from music genres related to the urban culture.

Stay tunned for more information!

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