Three Good Games (II)

We are back with a new post of Three Good Games, the section where we recommend three games thtat you should play if you have time. We would appreciate if you gave us some feedback.

Tomba (1997)

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Tomba is a 2.5D platformer that was released for Playstation in 1997 in Japan and in 1998 in the rest of the world. In this game we take control of Tomba a savage kid with pink hair who only wears green trousers in his andventure for saving his homeplace from the evil pigs. This adventure has lots of humor and charisma and you won't be able to erase the smile from your face while you are playing it.

In the game we can run, jump and attack with different weapons. There are also lots of secrets to be discovered in the game and it will take time and effort tho complete the 100% of the game and unlock all the secrets. The game combines 3D environments with 2D characters, a formula that gives great visual results. We highly encourage you to play this game

Sword of Mana (2001)

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This game is by far one of the best RPGs that have been ever released for the Game Boy Advance. It is a remake of the original Game Boy game Final Fantasy Adventures. A 2D action rpg where you take control of a heroine or a hero in order to save the Mana Tree from the Dark Lord.

The game has great graphics beautiful graphics, it also has great combat mechanics. Every time that the characters increase their level the player can choose with stats and fighting styles wants to upgrade, this is a very interesting mechanic because every player can play the way he feels more comfortable. The game has lots of weapons, enemies and dungeons, things that make the game one of the greates RPGs for the console. If you have time, you should definitely give it a try.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003)

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a Tactical RPG released for Game Boy Advance in 2003. It was amazingly received by the players and the critics, the game obtained great scores in most of its reviews. The combination of music, gameplay and graphics made the game one of the indispensables of the Game Boy Advance.

It is a grid based tactical RPG where the player controls the actions of his team and a lot of different attacks and skills can be used depending on the job of the character. Players can decide the jobs, weapons and abilities from its characters, so the level of customization is high. Another interesting aspect of the game are the lows, in every combat there will be a judge who will impose a low, if a character skips the laws it will be panalized and it can be ejected from the fight. A great game with lots of races, jobs, equipment and abilities, it is without doubt one of the best RPGs ever released so you MUST give it a try.

This are the three games that we recommand to play today. We are waiting to hear your opinions and your proposals for new posts of this section so don't hesitate on commenting or sending us an email.

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