Development Blog (02/23/2018)

This week we have been working mainly on the nursery and the boxes system. We are working hard because we want to have a finished version of the game soon and this version will be ready probably very soon, there is just a little more work needed.

The nursery is fully operative right now, as we explained, when a fighter dies in combat it has to go to the nursery where it has to be a certain time in order to be able to fight again. We created this mechanic to encourage the players to use all of their fighters.

The boxes system will be the easiest way to obtain new moves,  equipment, fighters or money, the player will receive boxes as a reward when he completes certain challenges. The player will only be able to open one box each time and the boxes will have an opening time. There will be different kind of boxes with different kind of rewards, some boxes will be better than others.

We are also working on the game HUD, we are repainting some elements of the UI that were a little plain giving more depth to the design of the game. We are also polishing the battle system in order to give the best experience to the players.

When we finish everything we are talking about in this post we will start with the competitive mode, the last main thing left. So stay tunned so you do not miss anything!

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