Development Blog (02/19/2018)

This week has been a busy one, we worked hard in the development of the game and we polished some graphic details.  We have also been working in our blog and in our social media presence, we are working to arrive to our public in the better way possible. We made some changes to the blog design and we added some features, we want to offer the best quality content we can to you.

We have been working on the three offline battle modes of the game, right now the three game modes are completed and fully operative. We still have to work on the online competitive mode but it will be ready very soon. Another part of the game we have been working on is the nursery, the nursery is a room where the fighters will go everytime they die in combat. Players will have to wait a certain amount of time or pay in order to be able to use the fighters in the nursery again. Whe think this is a good way to encourage players to use and upgrade all of their fighters.

We have been working on some graphic aspects of the game too. In one hand, we finished a new batlle background, this one is like the octagon of the mma fights. We think this background goes well with the style of the game. In the other hand, we polished some graphic aspects of the manu and the game in general. Right now, most of the graphic assets are finished so we are spending a lot of time in polishing everything we can.

We have been working in some things that we can not tell right now, but if everything goes well we will tell you about that very soon. Stay tunned to know the last news about the game!

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